Workout Master: Notion Template

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If you:

  • Like Notion and workout in a gym;
  • Track your workouts by writing notes on your phone or a peace of paper;
  • Been in situations when you don't remember what to train, what weight to take or how many sets to make, etc;
  • Want to improve your results;

Then the answer is YES, definitely!

Under the hood this template uses a set of interconnected Notion databases packed with formulas and database templates. On the surface it focuses on providing intuitive phone experience with many features:

  • Choose from 200+ exercises with previews, mark favorites, create your own exercises;
  • Create your workout sessions:
    • Regular and cardio exercises;
    • Warmup and regular sets;
    • Unique tags on each level - set, exercise, workout;
  • Design workout programs:
    • Just muscle groups;
    • Muscle groups & list of exercises;
    • Muscle groups & list of exercises + expected workload for each exercise;
  • Schedule your workouts:
    • Organize your split in a weekly calendar;
    • Add locations where you train;
    • See your plan for today, tomorrow and yesterday.
  • Analyze automatically generated stats:
    • Max weights that you achieved for each exercise;
    • Min/max/avg stats for each exercise;
    • Workout workload for each muscle group and duration;
  • Add your notes, photos, measurements, training cycles, etc.;
  • Customize your experience with 10+ configurable parameters;
  • Many small things you will discover along the way..


P.S. Don't forget to enable audio on the Instagram videos below.


How to download the template?

Click "Duplicate" on the top right corner to duplicate it to your Notion workspace.

Can I share this template with my friends?

No, this template is for individual use. If you want to share this template with your friends please ask them to buy it.

How can I get help?

This template comes with a ton of help toggles, FAQs and Contacts section. So hopefully we can sort things out quickly!

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Workout Master: Notion Template

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Workout Master: Notion Template

2 ratings
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